What happens in a night club

QuctxyeNdEwMy first time in a night club was such an awesome and fun experience; am saying so because it later led to my addiction not only to alcohol but to the night clubbing and partying habits and spirit and now i can barely live without going to a club at night and drink my wits out. I derived my motivation of drinking booze and partying throughout the whole night from the prominent song ‘Yolo’ by song star Drake.What happens in a club is therefore unpredictable and unimaginable mayhem leaving bunch of people with awkward opinions of what it is happening of you and others whatsoever. Hence, what happens in a night club could be of more interest and fun only if people knew how to behave when drunk. Most people find themselves with all manners in the night club simply because they know everyone around is a stranger. In other words, it’s the way people conduct themselves which determines a great night or a shitty night full of rowdy behaviors. Some of these are highlighted here.

Vomiting seriously

In most cases, the first timers of booze, that is booze novices, will get their stomach emptied after taking a full glass of whisk without thinking what next. This is caused by excessive intake of the alcohol. The others who are more experienced may be more hardy but one roll of cigarette may push them over the edge ending up vomiting. They get themselves on with friends smiling enthusiastically and nodding to whatever being said forcing out a curt that they gonna go out toilet. These are the guys who re-emerge after 12 minutes later asking for water and chewing gum when their friends are thinking of leaving.


QglQOeNtvrEEveryone will hate a night club without music which may be accompanied by dances. Most guys find themselves dancing on high platforms with strippers thinking its the most attractive places and a way of gaining attention from others. The worst part of dances, especially when it comes to our dear ladies, is that dancing can cost you everything because of chances of falling and tripping on high platforms and getting hurt.

Unprepared sex

Can you imagine having sex with a stranger? Or can you imagine having sex with your dear love in a night club while drunk. This are some of the strange things that happens in a club, one ends up wondering, what the fuck am i doing? Lovebirds in most cases may find themselves having being in the act unaware because of the influence of drugs finding themselves on the next day being the topic of the day.


on many occasions especially when a person is involved seriously on drugs lets say alcohol for this case will basically misbehave, why am i saying this? one day when partying i happened to come across a group of buddies drinking tequila to a point driving their wits out , which later saw a sum of abusive words flowing out of their mandibles directing to one another, not to talk about one of their chum directing his finger towards another girlfriend pussy.

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