How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You Warning Signs to Look Our For

If youve noticed sudden changes in your girlfriends behavior, it may be fair to ask, Is your girlfriend cheating on you? But how do you know if she is cheating? There are many ways to get a sense of whether or not your girlfriend is cheating on you.

To begin with, look for major pattern changes. For example, a cheating girlfriend may spend a lot less time around you or is gone a lot. She may find convenient excuses such as spending more time at work or with friends. Even if she has good alibis, take note if your instincts are ringing. Sudden changes can be suspicious.

Similarly, does she desire sex less? Often a cheating girlfriend may seem always tired and less likely to want sex. Be sure to pay close attention to details here as there may be other reasons. At the same time, pay attention if this is frequent or if you see a trend. Often infidelity patterns are noticed gradually.

085Another sign your girlfriend is cheating on you is when there are pattern changes in the opposite direction from what you might think. Keep in mind that this may also include positive changes out of nowhere. Sometimes a girl may try to cover-up unfaithfulness by being more charming or more pleasant so youll be less motivated to check. For example, she may be unusually nice or unaffected by things that normally really irritate her. You may also notice that she has a renewed sex drive or starts wearing sexier clothes and hairstyles.

One of the more subtle pattern changes happens in bed. Does she introduce new sex moves out of nowhere or suddenly become a little more adventurous? While these are pleasant changes, they arent always for good reasons.
A key question to consider is whether the relationship has been troubled for a while. This often is an important clue since a girl can make some positive changes for many reasons. Stressed relationships can act as a motivator to cheat since she may look for qualities she desires in an online relationship or a full on affair. So if the quality has diminished take note since it can affect her loyalty and commitment.

Finally, if you live together consider key loggers or programs that track computer usage. This is a more practical step that can help confirm or ease your doubts. This is an effective way to catch online cheating, especially if a girl creates a new email address or is communicating through instant messaging. Please note that if you are taking this step, be sure to check on laws as using these programs to break into her email may have legal consequences in some locations.

Ultimately, if you cannot find out, consider your suspicions an important flag either of the relationship or of yourself. Most importantly, if you notice this pattern change in your relationship, then you want to make sure to ask yourself what habits you can improve to get the relationship back on track.

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