5 signs you’re not sexually compatible

If you are worried and wondering what is the reason of always finding yourself in the accusing end and your fiancee keep on crossing line when it comes to bedroom matters, there must be a reason and i can rate it as you are not compatible. Some people are just not for being together and in fact you appear to be miserable. What may be keeping you together is just for the cheap unsatisfactory sex you engage in. This means that the whole relationship is being kept tight through genital contact. Well, i your relationship is not for ‘come we stay type’ or friends with benefits type, you should not therefore worry but if the relationship is a serious one, you should therefore consider some delicate emotional, psychological and physical aspects between you.
Conversely, some of the relationships are found to be of great nature but when it comes to sex, one or both of the involved end up being unsatisfied in bed due to aspects which explain more of being not compatible. To be sexually compatible, both of you should be ready for the best relationship , best sex and the best sex. Some of the signs that you are not compatible are;

No spontaneous spark for sex

compSex in a genuine compatible relationship is purely natural and therefore being guided by natural sex and should come unaware between both of you. You do not need to initiate and seduce each other so as to engage in sex. This means that some other things apart from sex like falling in arms or jumping into your partner are not experienced.

Zero sex positions

Good and sweet sex with your lovely partner is being experienced by engaging in various sex positions during the romantic act. Without this you ain’t doing anything. Essentially, during sex at any given time where one is not enjoying the act means that there should be need of sex positions for both to enjoy because you may get the other partner pissed off.

Zero satisfaction during sex

If one of you keeps on or constantly zoning out always or or at some point you have sex, it portrays that you are not sexually compatible. It is so painful when you clumsily say, ‘ ooh no ooh no, i was getting into it’, and ending up staring at a weird stain at the wall or roof because the pleasure was cut off instantly.

Lack of sex rhythm

period-sexSex act rhythm is the important part of good regular sexual intercourse. If one acts like a pervert lumberjack so that anytime you are having sex she keep moving the hips opposite getting one wasted as if operating a tandem saw with junk, then reconsider yourself total incompatible.

Libido mismatch and lack of horny coincidence

If she wants sex at some point and you are not interested with even some soft touches or if she wants it to be done seven times a week with multiple rounds a time and you on the other hand only genuinely comfortable with only two times a week accompanied by one round, then for God’s sake, path ways because you are not compatible.

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