What girls want in bed

Do you love your girl? if yes, you know what she likes most and you should be able to provide it to her consistently to avoid unpredictable heartbreaks. If you don’t know what girls want in bed am pretty sure you are the guys who get kicked on the ass because they are good for nothing dudes. These are the guys who keep crying over spilled milk after their ladies being ‘cabled’ by their own friends and keep wondering what the fuck do they miss. Generally, girls should be able to get what they urge most and that is bedroom matters surrounded by good sex, romance and love. A man should be flexible and free to caress and smother her girl before engaging in any form of penetration. Girls should therefore be taken good care of while in bed so that they feel satisfied and well cultivated. Why don’t you satisfy your girl? here is the answer for you, you give her to her best but not giving her to your best which the worst mistake men do and in most cases they get a red light and thus a wrong turn. Well, find yourself a safe haven with your girl by giving her the following.

Girls want to be fucked well

want-in-bedImagine your girl shouts you out, ‘you are horrible in bed, take your ass back to your mama’. What will you do? That is the type of the irritating statements a girl should never ever utter to his man’s ear. If you have ever come across such statements, am sure it is still eating your brain. But you should not blame our dear lovely girls because they need a good fuck from a real man who know how to ‘eat a pussy’. Satisfying your girl is just awesome and for this to happen you need to last longer during the act till she reaches orgasm.

Little roughness is necessary

Girls have been believed to be the soft creatures in the human race who need soft touches in any occasion. But let me tip you a little. when it comes to laying a girl in bed, soft touches are not needed but a little bit roughness is required. You should apply some of the roughness during sex to avoid letting her down. At first penetrations should be shallow and slow but in the middle of the act you need to rough her off.

Clitoris need some respect

If you really want your girl to be unto you, you should be ready to explore her full gross genital anatomy and going further into semi-internal anatomy like her clit and G-spot. This is an hint for free, clit needs a major respect and bear in mind it is the most sensitive part with a lot of sensitive nerve endings at its tip which bring about a strong sensation. So have sometime back there and you will believe me.

Foreplay while pulling her hair

Foreplay is the core and interesting portion of what happens in bedroom before any penetrations. Girls never likes a man who start deeply kissing them on the couch but before even succumbing to the activated suffocation caused by the dude’s rough kisses, he is into you you dry tight pussy. Well, from today you may even better use a stopwatch for foreplay sake. You may even start from her hair at the top and end up at the bottom between her legs.

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