How to last longer during sex

Have you ever found yourself in the accusing end caused by lack of your manpower to satisfy your girl in bed by lasting longer? If you only find yourself in her wet pussy fucking her hard only to “spit” your ‘cold” sperms on her hot vagina leaving yourself groaning in pleasure but on the other hand your lady is left moaning and writhing in pain. Don’t ask anyone, just blame your hard hot shots. Well, you may sit down and relax as i may show you what is the cause of all these and how you could avoid them, last long during sex and the end result is seeing your girl writhing in pain full of pleasure. What you should be happy for is that i have solutions to this problems you men encounter, be it primary premature ejaculation, secondary premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction during the act.
ejaculationMost men at some point end up completing sex just before the right time reaches and they may not like it. How and when will this come to an end ? I will take you through approved tips and tricks to help you last longer and get full satisfaction with your partner during sex. How to last longer during sex is influenced avoiding the problems itself using various techniques. These problems are just but premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. There are plenty to do to avoid all these and prolong experience. Here are some of the tips and techniques to improve your longevity.

Masturbate an hour before sex

Masturbation helps in relieving sexual tension and you should do it some few hours before you engage sex. Masturbation should be done where you experience premature ejaculation and performance anxiety. Ending up having regular masturbation is perfectly healthy and builds up stamina which definitely help in lasting longer.

Practice building control

Ejaculation control will help you to definitely last longer during sex. You can practice building control by squeezing the head of your penis 10-20 seconds before ejaculation using start and stop technique where you practice stopping just before ejaculation and taking a deep breath before resuming.

Engage in vigorous foreplay

Foreplay is the best part of sex before any penetration come in. Often foreplay is the most enjoyable part part of sex if it is done right and should last at least 15 minutes for one to last long during sex. This means that engaging in consistent longer and vigorous foreplay will greatly increase sex duration and pleasure.

Condom used should be thick

The only important way to last longer in sex is by reducing the sensational feeling so as to delay ejaculation. For a longer sex to be encountered, you should therefore use thick condoms to decrease sensation and delay ejaculation.

Keep distracting yourself if you feel to ejaculate

premature ejaculation is what shortens the length of time when having sex. So the other best way to delay ‘spitting’ out your goodies is by torturing your psychological thinking about sex through distracting it. This distract ejaculation and may be done by taking mental breaks for example thinking of something mundane like integer line or multiplication table.

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