Going Downtown

There are plenty of men out there that would prefer to have more fellatio in their lives but are not getting it because either their women are not that great at it or don’t particularly enjoy giving it. I will give you a few quick tips to transform you into an oral sex goddess and you will learn to blow like a pro!

When your getting ready to give a blowjob, you must first find a comfortable position and secondly, a great blow job requires passion. Meaning, you have to have passion to really get into giving it and for your partner to think that this was the best head of his life.

bananaTake your hand, softly and slowly rub him up and down to make that penis stand to attention. While you are doing this, you are looking into his eyes and telling him how sexy he is and how bad you want him. A combination of dirty talk and touching him with start to create a sexual tension that you are looking for. As he is getting harder, take your other hand and start rubbing your hand at the bottom of his yum bag. Your going to rub him, long strokes from back to front and over and over. Don’t worry, he will enjoy this and not want to you to stop.

Now simultaneously, while continuously using smooth strokes, adding your closed lips put your mouth to the top of his penis. As you insert his hard penis in your mouth, your trying to recreate the same feeling of your tight vagina. Press your lips together to apply a little bit of presser (no teeth) with your lips starting at just the head of his penis working your way to all the way down his shaft slowly while you are looking at him. Eye contact is crucial, its sexy and men love it so why not be your partners personal porn star. Once you go up and down with your lips about a dozen times getting him nice and wet with your saliva, I want you to make a fist with your hand, cupping his hard penis just in front of your lips and have your mouth follow your hand up and down his shaft.

tighten-your-vaginaThis is the time to get a little creative in your hand movement. Spit on him to keep him very well lubricated , as a matter of fact, sloppy wet. As you are making your way up and down his shaft start swiveling your fist left and right making semi circular motion. To further his excitement, as you are coming up his shaft, use your tongue to press his penis toward the top of your mouth to create a similar feeling as your vaginal wall. After a few strokes then turn your head sideways to using your lips and tongue to travel up and down (eye contact)his shaft. Now switch back to right side up and make that fist again and place in front of your lips. This time, tug the penis slanted slightly to one side and re position your tongue to cup the bottom of his member. This feels great when you add your other hand to grab his scrotum and give it a tug. Keep tugging, playing and squeezing mildly. Allow yourself a few pauses to give your jaw a rest but to give his some eye candy by taking his penis out of your mouth and rubbing it over the outer of your mouth and lips (left-right-left, then back in).

By the time you get to here, your mans heart rate has increased and he better be making sound that indicate that your doing your job right. If he is not, I suggest repeating the above steps. I personally take this time to monitor his moans and his words so I can keep doing the movements he reacts most too. He should be really close now. This is decision time for a woman…should I spit or swallow? This, I believe is a personal choice and that you should do what you feel at the time.

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